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Sanya Hudson-Payne

Sanya Hudson-Payne

Sanya has over fifteen years in the media and publishing industries. As a child, she grew up being enamored by the glitz of Hollywood and spent her formative years in specialized schools being trained in dance, acting, voice and musical theater.

Graduating from college with a degree in psychology, Sanya began her professional career as a case worker, then as a special education teacher and then a high school administrator. Feeling unfilled and reclaiming her passion, Sanya decided to enter the illustrious world as an author and has penned two romance novels and asked to be a contributing writer to self-help and educational books.

With the success of her books, Sanya wanted more and after a casual conversation with a colleague was asked to co-host a business podcast interviewing millionaires and billionaires. Laughing at the fact that she would get paid for doing what she always got in trouble for, she joined the world of podcasting and people began to notice. After a short time, Sanya was approached to host her very own podcast which she self-titled, Sanya On-Air. 

Sanya On-Air quickly grew to be the go-to platform for celebrities to unpack their pivotal moments and milestones. With a flair for making her guests feel comfortable, it wasn't long before celebrity publicists and executives from television, film, music, beauty and fashion began calling on her to interview their clients.

With the continued growth of Sanya On-Air, it was no surprise when radio stations began calling to place her show on the dial. With radio syndication alongside D.L. Hughley and Sheryl Underwood, Sanya On-Air is definitely on the rise and expected to take over television in the form of a celebrity talk show. 

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